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Beach Shade

Beach Shade Cordless - Free Shipping!

Beach Shade Cordless - Free Shipping!

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The best beach umbrella you never knew you needed. Over 100 ft² of shade. Only 1 person needed for a 5 minute setup. Free shipping both ways with 

30 day free returns! 

Your Beach Shade Cordless comes with:

  • Full cover shade (~16 ft x 9 ft)
  • Two corkscrew sand anchors
  • Collapsible aluminum pole
  • Carrying Case w/ shoulder strap

Get everything you need to achieve optimal shade for minimal effort. We provide the shade, the rest is rest.

*Military discount available just contact us!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Love it!

We’ve had our beach shade for 3 summers now and it’s up every day & works great! I usually put it up by myself and it’s especially easy to carry. A must have !!!

Kristine Darden
Best Mother’s Day gift!

I take my kids to the beach as much as possible and having this sunshade instead of an umbrella and pop up tent is so much more convenient. It is way lighter than I expected and the size is HUGE. My friends liked it so much they also bought one!

Awesome shade and a great experience

Took to the beach for the first time yesterday. Watched the video and set it up by myself in less than 5 minutes. We had
close to 20 mph and the shade worked great. It was great to have the sand screws….they went into the sand easily and held very well in the high wind. My wife and I loved that we didn't have to fill sand bags or worry about running into ropes. The delivery was quick and the packaging is the perfect size for our beach cart.


Second generation beach shade owners here! Our original one is great and has taken a beating at the beach over the years. Looking forward to using this one along with our old one on our next beach trip. Customer service was top notch with the first one (storage/sand bag didn’t hold up) and I’m sure will be if we need something this time. Can’t wait to compare the older cord in front one to the new corkscrew model. Thanks!

Megan Bliss
Worked perfectly!

Product is exactly as described, easy to set up and provided plenty of shade at the ocean! Couldn’t be happier :)

Tracy Vickers
Great product, easy solo setup!

Just received and set up (solo) my new Beachshade. And at the introductory price, I'm super excited! And no center stake to trip on or interrupt the view.

It was work the wait.

Thanks Mike and Matt!

Tracy in Florida.

Shade made easy!

We have one of the original Beach Shades and love it! Lightweight to carry and easy to set up.
Can't wait for our next beach trip with the new one because I'm sure we will love it even more! Great customer service also!

Louis Mattia
Shade made easy

We first set it up in the living room. It was so easy to do but my wife won't let me screw the augers into the carpet. Went outside and easier the 2nd time. It is much bigger than I thought. This thing is a thought of genius!! If you spend anytime on the beach, you really need to get this one. You will not be disappointed!!

Love you guys!

I have your original and set it up daily at the beach (E.I). I'm already onto of getting this for my father for his vacation place at Avon!

This thing is awesome!

I've seen some others out there but I love that this one has no forward cord. It also needs no sand so we've set it up in our backyard too! Great quality and love the price. Thank you!


Is the canopy UPF rated?

Yes. We've had our fabric lab tested and it's UPF30.

Will the screws hold in heavy wind?

Oh yeah. Once the screws are fully in the sand, they'll hold. We don't recommend you use your Beach Shade if the wind is above 22mph, but we've tested in higher winds than that and the screws don't budge.

What if there's no wind?

The Beach Shade requires only 2mph of steady wind to stay aloft, which is almost always present at the beach during the sunniest parts of the day (11am - 3pm).

It's science! Where the warm air above the sand meets the cool air above the ocean, the difference in air pressure creates that familiar sea breeze.