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Beach Shade

Beach Shade Cordless - Free Shipping!

Beach Shade Cordless - Free Shipping!

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The best beach umbrella you never knew you needed. Over 100 ft² of shade. Only 1 person needed for a 5 minute setup. Free shipping both ways with 

30 day free returns! 

Your Beach Shade Cordless comes with:

  • Full cover shade (~16 ft x 9 ft)
  • Two threaded screw sand anchors
  • Collapsible aluminum pole
  • Carrying Case w/ shoulder strap

Get everything you need to achieve optimal shade for minimal effort. We provide the shade, the rest is rest.

*Military discount available just contact us!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 170 reviews
Matt D Campbell
Retired and loving this...

My wife and I have been going to either Ft. Myer or Hilton Head for decades. Done the tent and umbrella thing many times. Purchased the larger Beach Shade and so glad we did. My wife is of Irish decent, so burns easy. She loves to read while on the beach, so this is perfect for her. Worth $200 for sure. Thanks guys!
Matt and Erin Campbell

Great shade coverage

This product offers so much shade. I initially was going to buy one of the coolcabanas but so glad I didn’t. This shade is huge! My only complaint is that after only a week of use, the fabric near the anchors is ripping.

Jill Tobin
Great product and customer service

Just spent 2 weeks at the Jersey shore and was so excited to have my new Beach Shade! It was so easy to set up, even by myself. And as the wind shifted it was super easy to maneuver the shade. I had one small issue that the owner quickly responded to and remedied for me. The handwritten note was a nice touch from the owners. A few people approached us on the beach because this brand doesn’t require the additional anchor lines and was more affordable than others.

Bryann Brelinsky

We absolutely LOVE our beach shade! The customer service from them was amazing and they fixed a problem that was my fault! I will recommend them to everyone!

Regina Brady
Great Beach Shade and Even Better Customer Service!

This beach shade worked perfectly for my recent vacation I took with my 88 year old mother. It was just the 2 of us, and I had never used a beach shade like this before, so I was a little anxious about how it would go. I was able to easily assemble it by myself in roughly 3-5 minutes! It stayed up all day. If the wind shifted, it was easy to move one of the spikes to accommodate the shift so that it continued to stay up and keep us shaded. Honestly, without it, my mom wouldn't have been able to spend any time at the beach because of the extreme heat. With this shade, she was able to hang out with me for hours! It helped us create precious memories that I'll never forget.

Also, the shade came with a personal, hand-written note from one of the founders letting me know if I had any problems to reach out directly. Turns out, I had a tiny problem, sent an email and had a personal response and resolution within 24 hours! You CANNOT beat that kind of customer service in this day and age and to me, that is much more important than price, and the price is very reasonable compared to similar shades on the market like this one.

Thanks Matt & Will!


What a great asset for beach lovers! Such an easy setup that provides sun protection for the entire family. Added bonus that there is no messy bag to fill full of sand and no cord for anyone to trip over!! Money well spent and I feel it will last many summers!

Jenny Stambaugh
Hatteras,NC necessity!

We loved our Beach Shade! It so easy to put up and take down. It can easily be done by one person and plenty of room under the shade. It flew with the slightest breeze also.
We were comparing ours to the other brand that was on the beach around us and we are so glad that we went with Beach Shade. I would not have like filling the sand bag and tripping over that cord all day.

Stacie MacDonald

One of poles snapped in half on the 2nd day of use. $200 down the drain. I want a refund!

Hi Stacie,

Just sent you an email. When a pole breaks like this, we can send you a replacement for free.

Richard Dankovic
Love the Beach Shade

Just used the Beach Shade for the first time this week at Hilton Head and we loved it. Much better than dragging the bulky umbrella as we have done for so many years. Set up and take down is a breeze. We had people ask about it and we were happy to recommend it to them and direct them to the Beach Shade website. Good product that works great.

Update to my Review!!

We have been loving our shade… bought it after I saw similar ones at Hilton Head island. When we found this one, it was cheaper, larger and didn’t need the sandbags other brand needed! We got it to Chicago and have been the only users of this shade on the beaches we go to in Lake Michigan! We get stopped daily for info on how to buy it! It’s amazing, easy to put up and take down. Plus I can do it myself in 6 minutes! I timed myself! It only needs a small amount of wind to keep it up!

As a side note, the pole snapped in a short amount of time. The company got back to me, the very MINUTE I posted a review asking for help, and now I’m getting a free pole replacement! Can’t wait to have my shade up and working again! Thank you Beachshade! Loving you from Chicago!


Is the canopy UPF rated?

Yes. We've had our fabric lab tested and it's UPF30.

Will the screws hold in heavy wind?

Oh yeah. Once the screws are fully in the sand, they'll hold. We don't recommend you use your Beach Shade if the wind is above 22mph, but we've tested in higher winds than that and the screws don't budge.

What if there's no wind?

The Beach Shade requires only 2mph of steady wind to stay aloft, which is almost always present at the beach during the sunniest parts of the day (11am - 3pm).

It's science! Where the warm air above the sand meets the cool air above the ocean, the difference in air pressure creates that familiar sea breeze.