Meet the Beach Shade Cordless

The Beach Shade is compact, lightweight, easy-to-set-up, and provides a massive amount of shade.

It’s better than a traditional beach umbrella in every way, and won’t blow away in heavy winds, because it’s designed to use the steady beach breeze to keep the shade flowing.

Only $199

Current competitor price: $270

  • Lightweight & Portable

    Unlike a typical beach umbrella, the Beach Shade weighs less than 5lbs and packs down to only 3 ft long.

  • Shade for 6 Adults

    Our shade offers over 100sq ft of shade for the whole family, with plenty of room for adults to stand comfortably undeaneath.

  • No Sandbag or Cord

    No more digging holes and getting sand under your nails just to set up your shady haven. Plus no more tripping on the front cord!

  • Easy to Set Up

    One person can set up a beach shade in 3 minutes with no special equipment or extra hands required.

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Packs down small.

Beach Shade Cordless weighs just 4lbs, and packs down small enough that anyone can carry it.

Easy Set-up

It takes just one person to set-up the Beach Shade Cordless. No more drilling holes in the sand for a bulky umbrella or spending 15 minutes of frustration to set-up your tent.

"Where Did you Get That?"

- 15 people every time we use our Beach Shade

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